Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby #2 On Board!!

Mark and I have always said that we would start trying for Baby #2 once Aiden turned two years old.  I just didn't want Aiden to have to grow up too fast and not be the baby in the house by having kids too close together.  Some may find this statement funny because I never did "baby" Aiden!  Poor kid had his pacifier taken away at 5 months old, bottle taken away at 7 months old, and has always been dressed like a big kid.  I've definitely slowed down on taking things away and pushing him to grow up though.  He's 27 months old and he still sleeps in his crib with the sides on it and also has not progressed any with potty training!  So, Aiden turned two in August and three months later..surprise! We are pregnant! 

October 22nd was our six year wedding anniversary. (Yay for us!)  We enjoyed a day at the spa getting massages & pedicures.  I think I peed about 7 times at the spa.  I thought it was from having two glasses of champagne!  I also had an extremely sore chest for the next few days following that I blamed on the massage and pmsing.  (I know, a little TMI.)  So after being two days late for my period, on October 25th (also my Daddy's bday), I took a test after dinner and it was positive! I hid the test under the sink so I could decide on how I wanted to tell Mark.  Mark fell asleep on the couch while we were watching tv, so I was googling and googling cute ways to tell husbands that their wives are pregnant.  Then it came to me, anytime we talk about being pregnant with Aiden, Mark always talks about how he was asleep on the couch when I suddenly woke him up and shoved a pregnancy test in his face! LOL (yes, that is how it happened.)  So, I saw him sleeping so hard on the couch and decided to do the same thing.  I went and got the test and woke him up suddenly and shoved the test in his face.  This time his reaction was a little bit slower though.  I totally forgot, he and our neighbor Gene had a few beers with dinner, hence why he fell asleep on the couch! lol  However, the reaction was the same once he realized what was going on..haha. 

Once Mark knew, then it was time to figure out how we were going to tell my parents.  They were actually coming in that weekend to see us in Lafayette.  We waited all week and were so ready for them to get here, when they called and said they couldn't make it! Ohmygosh..we weren't sure how we were going to be able to wait ANOTHER week to tell them! It was hard enough to wait from Tuesday to Friday!  It was so hard because my mom and I talk at least three times a day (yes, we are really close), and I kept forgetting that she didn't know I was pregnant.  I kept calling wanting to tell her about my doctor appointment, choosing between the two hospitals, pregnancy yoga making me ill, etc. So I would call her and start to talk, and then have to say,  "aw man, I forgot what I was going to tell/ask you!"  haha..I did this quite often! 

Well, after what felt like months, the next weekend came and my parents were able to come to Lafayette!  I had a friend, Brittany, make these cute cupcakes with pacifiers on them and also went and bought Aiden a "Big Bro" shirt.  We kept the cupcakes in the box and put a dry erase board in the middle saying, "Coming soon to a cradle near you.. June 29th, 2012." (See Pictures.)  We figured, my mom being the nosey person she is (no offense, Mom), would be like, "hmmm..what's in this box?" and open it up!  We kept telling Aiden to say, "Pawpaw, shirt, brudder (brother)," and point to his shirt.  My parents finally arrived at 9pm, and Aiden greeted them at the door saying, "Pawpaw! SOCKS!"  LOL  yes, he sat down and showed his Pawpaw his socks..not his shirt.  Everyone sat in the living room catching up, and I mentioned the cupcakes I picked up for us to have dessert over the weekend.  I kept telling my mom to go try them, but she kept saying she was too full.  Mark even had Aiden show Pawpaw his shirt (and he got it right this time!)  My dad looked at the shirt and read it out loud saying "Big Bro..that's cool, Aiden."  He didn't get it.. nor did my mom hear him.  So, now I am thinking, now what do I do.  That's when I said, "Aiden, do you want a cupcake?"  Of course, my sweet-tooth kid says, "yes!" I told him to ask his Mia to get it for him.  She opened up the box, read the dry erase board and said, "I don't get it..." It only took about 5 seconds for it to hit her though! I wish I had a picture of her face! It was priceless!

(This is how we plan to keep track of me getting huge as well as Aiden growing up through the pregnancy!  Mark does the writing on the dry erase board, so we are all part of this maternity series.)

(We forgot Dad had that thing on his nose to help him breath better with his cold! lol..sorry Dad!)

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