Thursday, September 29, 2011

County Fair with Millie

So, a couple of weeks ago, Amanda had this idea to go to the County Fair in Poplarville to see the animals.  We get there..look for the animals so Aiden and Millie can pet them..and to our surprise only found bulls and HUGE horses! LOL  Definitely NOT animals the kiddos were wanting to pet.  So we figured we would buy some tickets to let them ride some rides.  Well, Millie is going through the "scared of everything" stage that most toddlers go through (Aiden just got out of it a couple of months ago).  The only way she would ride the carousel was on Mommy's lap..this was super comfy for Amanda (LOL..yes, I am being sarcastic.)

Aiden on the other hand would not let me hold on to him.  His new favorite saying is, "I got it."

So we were trying to use up the tickets and put Aiden on a truck ride.  He's obsessed with the rides in the mall that resemble these, so I figured he would love it.

When the employee pressed the button, this ride TOOK OFF!  I thought for sure when it came around, he was going to be freaked out and crying, but nope, he was having a blast "driving" it.

So our 20 minute fun day at the County Fair came to an end and we headed back to Amanda's house to put the kids down for a nap.  We thought they had been sleeping for about 45 minutes when we hear some bells ringing.  Amanda goes in the room to check on them to find Aiden had climbed out of the pack and play and had taken all of Millie's toys out! My sneaky son had been playing the entire time while sweet Millie was sleeping!

Another day to teach us that we parents can make all the plans in the world, but toddlers always have their own plans!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Elmo at the Acadiana Zoo

A couple of weeks ago we had a cool front come in,  The high was about 80 instead of 110 (almost jacket weather.. lol) so Aiden and I took advantage of it and went to the zoo.  It was Meet Elmo Day! I was kind of nervous what his reaction would be towards Elmo.  I think every parent knows what I am talking about.  Kids will LOVE Elmo or LOVE Mickey, but as soon as that huge cartoon is live in their face, they freak out. Surprisingly, Aiden went right up to him and gave him a HUGE hug.

Then he turned around and posed for the picture! LOL..I think Aiden can teach a class on posing for the camera by now.  The sun was right in his eyes, but he tried really hard to give me a good shot.

I asked him if he wanted me to take a picture of him in front of this sign and he said "Yes", and turned around giving me his fake smile. I was just trying not to laugh at the fact of him agreeing and wanting this picture! This was definitely one of those "he's getting too big" moments.

Of course, we had to go around and check out all the animals.  This was our first time back to the zoo since before summer came in full force.  All the animals were actually showing their faces since it was cool outside too. 

Aiden is still terrified of the petting zoo area, which I don't blame him.  Acadiana Zoo has the strangest petting zoo.  There is one miniature horse, one donkey, one pig, one cow, one goat, and one deer. However, there are a TON of roosters! In my opinion, and my experience on a friend's farm growing up, those are NOT animals that I want to pet.

The best part about this zoo is its size.  It's not too small, not too big and never too crowded! Which means- NO STROLLER!  Aiden just loves that part.  He leads the way, and I just follow teaching him about the animals.  The only bad result of this is that I only get pictures of one animal, and his name is Aiden! If I stop to take a picture of a monkey or something, I will find my kid in the field with the giraffe (yes, just ONE giraffe.)  It's also great exercise for me :)  Here's a pic of me chasing him. 

I did manage to have him be still for these next two shots, which I love.

I forgot to mention that when we were leaving, Elmo wasn't in his spot anymore so Aiden kept asking where he went.  My answer was Elmo went to the potty.  For a WEEK after this zoo visit, everytime Elmo's name was brought up, he would say, "Elmo, Potty!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boys will be BOYS!

So for the last year, my son has had this obsession with letting his drink just fall out of his mouth. My husband says that I should try it one day because it actually feels kind of cool to let water just run out of your mouth..hmm..I'm not even going to comment on that! LOL  I used to think he did it just for attention, so I stopped acknowledging it, but he still continued to do it.  However, after my husband made that comment, I really do think he just enjoys the way it feels! If it makes him happy to let his water run down his mouth, then I guess I am happy! We will just have to continue the "only water in the car" rule and just deal with getting to our destinations and having a soaking wet kid!  Luckily, we live in the South and don't have to deal with icicles developing off of his chin!

I actually googled "my son lets water fall out of his mouth" and there were posts of people asking how to deal with this!  Every response was a mom talking about their BOYS doing this.  Here is the link:  Moms, boys will be BOYS! Just embrace it and cherish these silly annoying little things before they pass too fast!

I am so happy to have caught this picture of him doing it Friday night! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Daddy, Aiden and ChooChoo

These pictures were taken on August 15th. This day was a lazy, lazy day. Aiden woke up with a fever that went up and down all day. (At least that's what the thermometers said!) I have the hardest time figuring out which thermometers to believe that I end up using three each time I take his temperature! They will all give me different answers varying from this makes one nervous Mommy! Not wanting to chance his fever getting higher, we stayed in all day and played with all his new birthday toys. He LOVES when Daddy plays with his choo-choo with him! I think Daddy gets more into than him though! I can tell Daddy gets frustrated when he gets all the trains going in the same direction, on a good pace and Aiden reaches down and grabs one or knocks it over! LOL but is HIS choo-choo so he can do what he wants with it :). (Just don't tell Daddy that!)