Monday, October 31, 2011

Aiden, Elena & Will

When we first moved to Lafayette, Aiden and I were always out and about discovering our new home (Girard Park, Acadiana Zoo, downtown, etc).  It was always so awkward for me meeting new people.  I didn't have a hard time talking to them (imagine, but when it was time to leave, it was always so weird!  What to do? Do I ask them for their phone number, email, Facebook page?? I mean, my kid and their kid would have fun playing together, the mom and I had had great conversation, and I have no friends here so I wanted to stay in communication somehow!  I would go home and tell Mark, I felt like I was in a new town trying to find a date. 

Some days, I would observe the different groups of mommies.  The benches reminded me of high school drama shows where each bench was a different group of kids. One group would all be in sweats.  Not cute workout clothes, but their husbands sweats!  They were talking about organic this, homeschooling that and their non-vaccinated kids.  I knew I did not fit into that group!  Another group would be dressed straight from Banana Republic.  They were classy, skinny (not fit..just didn't eat skinny), moms, but the ones that were scared to get a little dirty with their kids! So I knew I wouldn't fit in with them either. 

Thankfully, one day at Girard, we met Krissy, her mom, and her son and niece. Luckily Krissy was really outgoing and we exchanged phone numbers without awkwardness! LOL She is also the one that invited us to Little Gym, where we have since found more friends! Since then, we have had dinner with husbands and sons, pool date, etc.
Here are some pictures from our most recent playdate. I brought some cookies, icing and sprinkles for the kids to decorate cupcakes also!

PB&J Time

Will's looked professional because the whole thing of sprinkles fell on

Notice how only the icing is gone on Aiden's..

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