Monday, October 3, 2011

Light Reflection From a 2 Year Old's Perspective

Aiden and I were having our daily dance hour in the living room when I decided to bring out my camera. (You know..because I just don't have  Aiden became sooo excited about a light that was moving all around the living room.  (It was light reflecting off the camera.)  So, I went and got a little mirror to show him how the light reflects off the mirror.  He still didn't quite understand that it was light though, so it became pretty entertaining to watch him chase the light around the living room.  Reminded me of how cats will chase the light! LOL..that may sound a little mean, but he was laughing, and I was laughing so all was good in the Greer house! The best part was when I would put it on his belly because he would freak out trying to get the light off of him!  He may not have thoroughly understood the whole light reflection thing, but putting light on his belly, knees, toes, cheeks, etc. was a learning lesson of its own! At least that's why I told myself so I wouldn't feel guilty about finding humor in my kid chasing around a light like a cat!

Daddy came home and joined in on the fun!  <3 my blue eyed boys!

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